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VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE                                           March/April 2019  (for full issue go to ARCHIVE)


Dear Fellow Corinthians!

The club has been very busy since it reopened. Dining has started in full force, and our new galley operator is working hard to get acclimatized. Growing pains are expected when you first start out in a new environment, and everyone's goal is to create a smooth process for the future.

Speaking of the galley, we are so happy to report that Gourmet Galley has agreed to remain with us as our permanent caterer! We now have an agreement with them through the end of 2019, reviewable on a yearly basis which also were our terms with the previous caterer. Our plan is to streamline dining to the point when both the club and the new galley are used to each other and our collaboration benefits both parties accordingly.

My heartfelt thanks go out to our Galley Search Committee led by Chris Morano. They did a great job with suggestions, interviews and follow up. Please help us support the new galley by coming to lunch, brunch and dinner, and sign up for our special events the majority of which will be catered by Gourmet Galley. In order to create and maintain the standards we come to expect from our galley we need your help. If there are problems, please understand that the galley crew is trying to get used to our way of doing things as much as we are trying to get used to them. They feel very badly every time something is not quite right and work extra hard to make up for it. Running a yacht club galley is very different from event catering or a restaurant. We have tried to keep it casual without reservations, and so far have only instituted seating times (usually the time when Nancy, our server, collects your order chit). However, we are also going to institute an informal "heads up, I am coming to dinner" system with which you can let the galley know your plans. If they have an idea how many people will show up they can prep more efficiently and make sure they don't run out of certain dishes too quickly. It is important to understand that our club's success is closely connected to our galley's success, and we all need to work together at this time to allow the staff to get settled into a routine that will benefit us all. Thank you for your understanding and help!

Our membership drive has been going really well! We have received over a dozen applications so far, and we hope to get more in the weeks to come. The board is doing their best to evaluate every application as quickly as possible so new members can start enjoying the club. My thanks to all members who have brought their friends to get to know us and have sponsored them for membership! Keep 'em coming! The more active members our club has, the easier it is to maintain our overall budget and day-to-day operation, to the benefit of everyone. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Gibbs, our Membership Chair. Her team has been working tirelessly on promoting our club and what it has to offer.

Please feel free to contact me or any member of Bridge and Board if you have any comments, questions or concerns. I plan to be available for a quick chat at the club on most Friday nights!
Ruth Emblin

Commodore # 21
Essex Corinthian Yacht Club

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