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Chris Morano, Commodore 

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Dear Fellow Corinthians!

For over a year I have had to write dreary messages to you announcing all of the things we could not do in light of Covid-19. So, it is indeed with great joy that I write that Spring is just around the corner! The ice is melting, the river is flowing, and the Frostbite Sailors are racing again!  In addition, with the continued progress in vaccinations, there is growing light at the end of the long COVID-19 tunnel.

With all of this in mind, I am pleased to announce that ECYC services and activities will be coming out of hibernation. Now do not get me wrong, there will still be a need to practice appropriate Covid prevention practices. However, with increased vaccinations amongst our membership, as well as the relaxation of restrictions by our Governor, there is more freedom to return to regular operations.  Accordingly, the Club is now able to start on a path to the resumption of normal operations. In preparation, I have asked that the deck awning be installed as soon as possible. Effective April 7, 2021, The Corinthian Cafe will resume regular services. This will include lunches on Wednesdays through Saturdays, Friday night dinners and Sunday brunches. Galley Liaison Nancy Simms will be providing additional information as details develop. In addition, the outside Club grill has been serviced and is ready for use on the lower deck when the galley is not in operation.

I have asked the Entertainment Committee to prepare a list of upcoming events that can take place while still observing Covid safety protocols. Cochairs Pat Atkinson and Melanie Carr will soon be reporting back with additional announcements. With the increased interest in usage of our Ideal 18s, ECYC will be offering a more formalized sailing program. This will include the resumption of Monday Night Ladies Sailing. In addition, both private and semi-private sailing lessons will be available to interested club members. Vice Commodore Tom Atkinson and Fleet Captain Joe Pelletier will oversee this program. I am pleased to announce that renowned sailing instructor, Cindy Gibbs will be the lead instructor. Further details will be forthcoming.

Following past tradition, on Saturday, March 27th, Fleet Chaplain Dan Taylor-Stypa will preside over a Blessing of our Fleet. Last year Vice Commodore Atkinson spearheaded a kayak program where club members pooled boats for use by the membership. Thanks to his efforts and those who provided kayaks, the program will continue this season. Keep an eye out for his announcements as Summer draws closer. Rear Commodore Bill Robinson has been diligently preparing for Summer racing events, including regattas and races with our neighbors at Essex Yacht Club. Needless to say, his plate is full, especially as he and his wife Stephanie were recently blessed with the birth of their second son, Teddy. Again, read on as he will fill you in on all the details.

Our new Membership Chair Jessi Kneier has hit the ground running. At our last Board meeting she presented a multitude of ideas for increasing and maintaining Club membership. As a result, the board voted to waive the initiation fee for any member applications made prior to April 1, 2021. After that date the initiation fee will be reduced by 50% on applications received prior to June 1st. As you know membership dues are the main source of the Club’s revenue. With that in mind, do not hesitate to reach out and propose applicants to increase our roster. Read on to learn more of Jessi’s ideas.

As you can see, just like the Spring flowers that are starting to emerge from the thawing soil, so is life at the Club. The details of these activities and more will be announced by the various committee chairs as they develop. Many are discussed in the articles published in this edition of Bell 8.

I hope you all fared well during the winter and are taking steps to get vaccinated! I recognize that the past year has been dismal on the ECYC front and thank all of you for sticking with the Club during this uncertain time. Please be assured that change is just around the corner. In the meantime, your clubhouse awaits you. So, come on down and enjoy your facility and one of the most beautiful views of the Connecticut River. Music will be playing and sometimes there will even be a pot of hot coffee waiting for you!

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to me or any Board member if you have any questions or concerns. I am excited and look forward to an upcoming active and successful season.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Morano

Commodore # 22
Essex Corinthian Yacht Club

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fleet communicatIoN: Jane Reilly & Tijae Pelletier


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