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Chris Morano, Commodore 

VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE                                           Early Spring 2020  (for full issue go to ARCHIVE)


Dear Fellow Corinthians!

As Spring lurks just around the corner, I wanted to take a moment to discuss current topics, as well as issues I hope to address over the year. I am honored to have been selected as the 22nd Commodore of the Essex Corinthian Yacht Club. I take this responsibility very seriously and know I have big shoes to fill to live up to the achievements of my predecessors. As the saying goes, when undertaking a task such as this, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. I am very fortunate to have a great team consisting of the following:

Vice Commodore: Tom Atkinson
Tom has been very involved over the years in expanding our Ideal sailing program. In his new role, he will continue those efforts, in addition to overseeing issues related to the clubhouse.

Rear Commodore: Bill Robinson
Bill is a very active sailor and has served the club well as Co-chair of the Race Committee. He will continue with those duties as well as overseeing waterfront activities.

Treasurer: Corinne Kilty
Corinne is our extremely efficient Treasurer. She will continue to streamline our bookkeeping procedures and look for ways to cut Club expenses.

Secretary: Susan Abbot
Susan has the difficult task of keeping track of the issues discussed at our Board meetings. She is the one who keeps the historical records of the Board's actions.

The Board of Governors
The following Board members have each taken on the responsibility of chairing Club Committees.

Toby Doyle (Co-Chair Race Committee)
Toby will assist Rear Commodore Robinson in performing the duties of the Race Committee.

Scott Beckwith (Chair House Committee)
Scott is serving his first term on the Board. He has assumed the role of Chair of the House Committee. This is a huge job and I am sure he will need the assistance of many fellow Club members.

Cindy Gibbs (Chair Membership Committee)
Cindy will continue to chair the Membership Committee. She has a lot of energy and last year's increase in membership numbers was, in large part, due to her efforts.

Joe Pelletier (Fleet Captain)
Joe brings new blood to the Board and will serve as Fleet Captain. He has extensive sailing experience and currently works as a rigger for Sound Rigging Services.

Nancy Simms (Galley Liaison)
Nancy is moving over from her Entertainment Chair job to become the Galley Liaison. She will coordinate galley issues that develop

Ruth Emblin (Past Commodore)
For the past 8 years, Ruth has served ECYC in many roles. Her experience, dedication and generosity in sharing advice is a true asset to the Club and is of great assistance to me, as I sail these uncharted waters.

My goal during my term is to continue the growth of our Club in a variety of ways. Since January, efforts have been made on multiple fronts. Our Galley Staff has made great improvements as they continue in their second year serving our members. When issues of concern come up, they have been addressed. As a result, meal satisfaction and attendance have increased. The dining process has been streamlined with a more efficient ordering and serving procedures on our busiest nights. Remember, larger meal attendance is a financial plus for ECYC, as this year’s contract provides the Club with a percentage of the meal revenue.

Over the years our clubhouse has served us well, providing a beautiful venue for a multitude of events. As a result, it is in need of a lot of attention to spruce it up. Prior to the club’s re-opening, a group of volunteers worked together, so that on our opening day we were welcomed to a thoroughly cleaned club, including newly carpeted stairs and refinished floors in the dining area. Currently, efforts are underway to address the appearance of the front of the clubhouse. In addition, planning for the renovation of the River Room will start shortly. All of these efforts will require the assistance of fellow club members. Please keep an eye out for a call to arms from the House committee.

Our Entertainment Committee, chaired by Pat Atkinson and Melanie Carr, has scheduled many social events that will take place throughout the upcoming year. If the recent Chili Cook-Off was a sign of things to come, then we are in for an exciting Summer.

Our Ideal Fleet is looking great! With the help of Club members, all four boats underwent extensive maintenance and are already competing on the river. There is so much more I could say, but let me stop and allow others to speak in more detail.

In closing, I look forward to serving as your Commodore. Here’s to the great year ahead!

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Morano

Commodore # 22
Essex Corinthian Yacht Club

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fleet communicatIoN: Ruth Emblin


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