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VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE                                           November 2018  (for full issue go to ARCHIVE)


Dear Fellow Corinthians!

    I admit, I am not a fan of Daylight Savings Time ending. It kind of puts a final seal on the fact that the warm weather season is gone for good around here. It was so easy to enjoy the daylight a little longer in the evening, even though the days have steadily become shorter. But nobody has found a way to turn back time yet, so we just have to deal with it. May I suggest enjoying the club, especially on Friday nights, as the fireplace is roaring, and the galley is serving comfort food? We also have a few more events up our sleeves before the end of the year.
    October at the club went by too quickly, but we were able to squeeze in a few events. The folks who joined the Fall Raft-Up in Hamburg Cove enjoyed a great afternoon in the very picturesque setting on the Lyme side of the river. The Tom Clark Memorial Regatta and Party were both very successful; this year we had about 50 people attending the post-race party – and the Tri-Club River Series trophy is back at the club thanks to the crew of Celebration (more on that in the newsletter)! Finally, the Commodores’ Halloween Gala was a blast - and not just because for a while it seemed the Nor’Easter would blow the club away! We feel really sorry for you if you could not make it, because you missed a highly entertaining evening with great food, great company and an excellent live band. All in all, a very enjoyable month on the water and at the club.
    As we prepare for the Decommissioning and Annual Meeting on December 1st, we can look back on a very successful year. All our events were wonderful, and, while we were lacking a few volunteer hands here and there, were overall enjoyable for everyone. The Entertainment Committee did a great job with our onshore parties and special events, while the offshore crew, including Race Committee and Waterfront Committee kept their end of the bargain by running great regattas and keeping our sailors safe and happy. The Race Committee is becoming a well-oiled machine ready for next year's regattas, and the Frostbiters on our Ideal 18s - well-prepped thanks to the Waterfront crew – are still sailing hard and well as the temperatures slowly drop and boats disappear from the docks and mooring fields.
    Looking towards 2019 we have a lot of activities and events planned to keep everyone entertained and engaged. Our committees are in full planning mode, but could definitely need more “hands on deck”, whether on or off the water. Please make it one of your New Year’s Resolutions to volunteer at ECYC! Our club can only function properly if everyone helps together and does not take the committees’ hard work for granted. We are a “Corinthian” club driven by volunteerism, that is one of the reasons why your dues are still much more affordable than many other commensurate clubs’. We have seen a welcome increase in people coming forward to help, which makes life easier for those committee members who have been working so hard to make everyone happy! Keep going in that direction, fully embracing the “Corinthian Spirit”!
    Part of our planning process, of course, is also the weekly dining service we offer here at ECYC. After working with us since 2010, the Coastal Cooking Company just informed us in late October that they will not seek a contract renewal for 2019. They will remain at the club through December and will close just before the Christmas holiday. Please be assured that there will be no interruption in dining service at the club. We are already looking for a replacement caterer, though Monique, Chef Ed and their team will be sorely missed by all. We thank the Coastal Cooking Company for their excellent work in keeping our diners happy, and for their creative cuisine for lunches, brunches and dinners and for our many special events. We wish them all the best for their future endeavors. We plan to be up and running with a new caterer by the time the club reopens in February of 2019.
    Please make a special consideration for the outgoing galley crew in your 2018 Gratuity Fund donation to thank them for their hard work throughout the years. As you know, we ask you every year to make a contribution to this fund to show an extra bit of gratitude to everyone from our Club Manager, the Galley, the Dauntless Marina dock personnel, as well as the cleaning crew. If you would like to dictate how your contribution is shared, please let us know on your check, or advise Jean Little if you are charging your account. Thank you in advance for your generosity!
    The Annual Meeting Notice will reach your mailbox in a few days. If you cannot attend on December 1st, please make sure you return the proxy by mailing it back to the office as soon as possible. The Bridge and the Board of Governors have been working hard to provide you with a workable and sustainable plan for 2019 to benefit our membership.
    I wish you all a great month of November, and hope to see you all soon at our great little club!
Please feel free to contact me or any member of the Bridge and Board if you have any comments, questions or concerns. I plan to be available for a quick chat at the club on most Friday nights!

Ruth Emblin

Commodore # 21
Essex Corinthian Yacht Club

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