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Ruth Emblin, Commodore 


VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE                                            May 2018  (for full issue go to ARCHIVE)


Dear Fellow Corinthians!

It finally looks like Spring out there! It's been a long time coming, but now the weather and vegetation in our area look much closer to what we expect for this time of year! And the local shipyards are exhibiting activity as well, soon docks, moorings and the river will be full of boats again!

By the end of the week the club will have its new roof complete. The repairs have been on the radar for a while, and have finally come to fruition. Our landlord, Safe Harbor Marinas, has also worked on the fuel tanks to bring our building up to code. Repairs will continue on the building and decks throughout the year, and the House Committee is looking for a number of volunteers to help accomplish a long list of tasks to give the club a deserved exterior face lift.

ECYC's booth at the Essex Boat Showlooked great, and had plenty of visitors. We hope that some of these visitors will come back to enjoy what our organization has to offer! Thanks to the dedicated Boat Show Committee who pulled this off! I could not be more pleased with how everyone came together to represent our club! A great display of the Corinthian Spirit.

I would also like to remind you of a very special upcoming event that further highlights the Corinthian Spirit: the Annual Cocktail Party to Benefit the Lifesaving Work of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the official kick-off for our new, exciting Connecticut River Leukemia Cup. I am pleased to report that the Pettipaug Yacht Club has officially endorsed our new event and will be working with us to make it as successful and enjoyable as possible! Please join us on May 19th to find out more on how you can help beat cancer and see what is planned for the August regatta! See below for details on how to sign up for the cocktail party.

Once the weather is consistently warmer we will also start outdoor dining again. This is the perfect opportunity to invite friends and potential new members to check out the club. There will also be a few new opportunities for existing, new and potential members to enjoy our waterfront activities even more this summer.

You can always refer to our website at for details on dining, social, educational and on-water events, and any other information on the club and its programs.

Please feel free to contact me or any member of Bridge and Board if you have any comments, questions or concerns. I plan to be available for a quick chat at the club on most Friday nights!

Ruth Emblin
Commodore # 21
Essex Corinthian Yacht Club
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fleet communicatIoN: Ruth Emblin, Dick Hoxsey, Harry Bird


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