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Steve Rodstrom, Commodore 


VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE                                            September/October 2017  (for full issue go to ARCHIVE)


Fellow Corinthians!

It's the middle of September, and we just enjoyed our Labor Day Party. We had a great turnout and fantastic weather. I want to give a special thank you to Chuck Grusse for his rib recipe and cooking ability. They turned out incredible! Thanks go to Nancy Simms, her husband Pete and their family for bringing this all together. The same goes for Pat Atkinson, Ruth and Peter Emblin and Ellen Smoller. Working hard on the grill, Chuck Grusse, Pete Simms and Tim Brewer kept everyone well-fed and happy. An amazing job done by all.

The September boat shows are in full swing, and since I work the Newport Boat Show every year, I ran into a few members who made the trek up to Rhode Island to see what's new. It was an interesting weekend, with folks from all over the country looking at the latest offerings. I will again be busy with the upcoming boat show in Norwalk, but am doing my best to help facilitate our signature event, the Cross Sound Challenge, to be held next Saturday, September 23rd. Even if you are not a sailor, you are invited to the post-race party on Essex Island! Please see details to the left. Don't miss this great annual event!

Membership Update:
We continue to need your help finding new folks from our surrounding communities who would enjoy what we have to offer. Remember, boating is only part of our club and prospects do not have to have a boat to join. Only about half of our members currently own a boat. The application is on our website and I would be happy to go over it with you. Remember, it's the people who make our club fun! And new members are always welcome at the Commodore's Table.

BOG 2018:
We have started filling a few slots on next year's Board of Governors, but there are several key positions still open. Now is the time to raise your hand. Several terms are ending and I want to be prepared for next year. This is a great service for our Club and you will enjoy the experience. Please contact me for details.

Please note that the list of BOG meeting dates is posted on the bulletin board outside the office. Members are welcome. Please let us know if you wish to attend.

Have a great month!

Steve Rodstrom
Essex Corinthian Yacht Club
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fleet communicator: Ruth Emblin


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